Romance Club Mod Menu APK v1.0.8050 For Android

Romance Club Mod Menu APK v1.0.8050 For Android

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Introduction to Romance Club APK.

An interesting game does not have to be action, combat, or magical scenes. Some people are simple, practical, and want to be part of the game. That’s the romance club I’m talking about. Combined with the genre, this visual novel mimics a new life, a new world around your stories – the main character.

Enjoy funny moments, always want to and write your love story!


Romance Club offers a collection of visual stories of which you are a part and plays a key role in creating the knot to move the story in the direction you want. If you’re a fan of popular publishers of genres like Choose Episode Your Story or Your Story Interactive, you’re no stranger to the simple gameplay of a visual novel game.

When you choose a story and start living it, you will meet others, chat with each other, participate in activities, and communicate with them. The process is under your control. Whenever a question or a specific situation arises, the system offers a number of options. You choose one of these and continue the flow of the game.

The gameplay is very interesting, you do not know what will happen in the future. However, based on this fact, it is easy to guess that the person you have not met today will never come to you. Career opportunities are equal.

Write a romantic love story

Options:Story or Episodes You Play – Choose Your Story is one of the most popular games of this genre. However, it was a long journey. The developer focuses on creating the story and digging deeper into all aspects. The romance club goes in the opposite direction, there are many stories in the game, although the content of each story is not long but very deep.

Dracula: A love story is the first story you will experience. What do you think when you fall in love with someone who is a vampire lord? Do you accept who he is, will help him to fulfill his desire to be a normal person, and stop talking wrong? To explore the castle of the Toman Empire and find yourself in a conflict between forces. Can love dispel centuries-old hatred? The answer is up to you

Love from space:This is another love story about the heroine and prince of an alien planet. The state army betrayed him. Fortunately, he survived the murder and joined his new home Earth. Stay with her to help her in difficult times, her love will blossom soon.

Mystery of Heaven:The story is satisfied with a new dimension. The first scene takes place in the academy where angels and monsters study and live together. However, this does not mean that the place is a haven of peace. Strange things always happen, in temptation and waiting for many things. Find out now!

Willow Legend: This story is about a beautiful woman, but it is about luck. He was kidnapped and sold to a smuggler. They try to train him to be a geisha. But she always wanted to be a kitsune with ambition. She had escaped from custody. It distracts him from bad people and creepy creatures.

On top of that, there are dozens of other stories like Wave Patrol, Sales of the Fog, The Queen in 30 Days, My Hollywood Story … they break down into Tuo, genres, and short summaries. Please refer to the main screen interface for more information.

Customize your character

The romance club has a financial system that includes diamonds and coffee cups. Most people think they are used to buying premium options, but that is not really true. You can buy accessories like clothes, jewelry, hairstyle and more. All this will make your character beautiful and beautiful in the eyes of all people.

What is new

  • Love From Space, Season 1 Episode 11, 12 added
  • Chasing You, Season 3 Episodes 6, 7, 8 added
  • The Legend of Willows, Season 3, Episodes 2, 3 added
  • Dracula. Added episode 3 of a love story, season 2, 4
  • Episode 1 of Valkyrie Path, Season 2, 2 added
  • Added Rage of the Titans, Season 1 of Episodes 6, 7, 8
  • Sophie’s Ten Scenes, Season 1 Episodes 5, 6, 7 added
  • Episodes 4, 5, 6 of Season 1 of London added
  • Episodes 1, 2, 3 of Season 1 were added to Thin Ice

The best features of the Romance Club

Romance Club is a well-designed game of choice for developers who have experience with this type of game. You can expect history, key decisions, and development questions that will make you wonder what’s ahead of you. Are you going to fall in love with a character or will your choice lead to doubt? Each story is unique and you can read below to learn more about its best features. However, in this single game download from Romance Club, you can explore different stories.

My Hollywood Story – A developing story of dreams and romance

One thing to know about your interactive story games is that they are often featured on numbers. So this story is a continuation of the story of the previous game. The Romance Club combines many different stories into one package so you can play in different episodes and the stories lead to conclusions. In My Hollywood Story, you will play the role of an actress who takes her first steps into the chaotic world of Hollywood, a place known for breaking dreams and breaking people’s hearts. As a decision-maker, it’s up to you to make the right choices to lead your character to fame and popularity – this story combines both comedy and romance and is suitable for all ages.

Moonbourne – a sexy vampire story, which is better?

Vampire and romance, you name a good couple. The story is a very good opportunity to save humanity, as some flirtatious vampires have time to rejoice as it all shuts down. You have to find a balance between light and darkness in yourself and in the characters and unravel the so-called moon-born mysterious prophecy. This is also a story from the second series, and if you are annoyed by this charming sexy urban mystery you can play the previous episodes and wait for new ones.

Boating in the fog – pirates, love, curses …

Pirates, Melis, and Romance – what could be better than this? Your character has been helped by a group of pirates who have been rescued in one way or another. It is up to you to prove to these pirates and bring back the honor on behalf of your family. You have to hunt down and avenge your enemies and help the pirates expose the aggressive and bizarre curse of the Aztecs who attacked them. It’s a huge romantic story with erotic moments, action-packed choices, and all the main choices that make your story interactive.

Queen in 30 days – are you of royal quality?

The story revolves around a young woman who begins a story of romance and royalty. In search of love and the opportunity to be part of the ruling class, he travels far and wide to travel to the imperial empires of distant lands. It is full of funny, hilarious dialogues and lots of ways that can lead you to a generous prince who has fallen in love with you. Your usual methods will benefit here, and royal mansions will look absolutely appealing to your personality. Who do you choose as your friend?

Mod features

Free Prem Premium Options: The MOD APK version we provide will allow you to make better and better decisions to avoid problems.

Download Romance Club MOD APK for Android

Romance Club is an interesting visual novel game. Although it does not contain elements of horror, action, or war, it can immerse players all day in the virtual world. Download the game, experience the stories, and write your own stories.

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